45 Road Club

45RC/KCC 50/TT - 12th July 2015

45 Road Club event result Date 12th July

Earls Barton 50 in conjunction with Kettering CC
Club 50 held as usual as joint event with Kettering CC

Fastest was Gavin Hinxman with a course record for the 6 lap version between Doddington and the Billing RB.

Rider		 Time
Gavin Hinxman	 01:46:05 Kettering CC Course Record
Phil Melling	 01:53:22
Steve Peel	 01:58:25
James Cook	 02:11:18 Kettering CC
Maria Gent	 03:02:20 Kettering CC
Sue Rust	 DNF	  Kettering CC
David Robinson	 DNF	  Kettering CC
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