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45RC Hillclimb - 20th Sept 2015 - Results

45RC Hillclimb, on the Haselbech Hill course - 20th Sept 2015

Cottesbrooke - Haselbech Hillclimb
15 riders took part today and the 6 year old course record of 1:43 was taken today with a
brilliant ride by Will Goulbourne (Team Corley) with a 1:37. Winner on the day was Steve
Peel, on a fixie with a superb 1:51, who beat Paul Hardy who also set a personal best by 
improving on his last years winning time, by another 2 secs to 1:57.
Congratulations to all who participated, a lot of impressive times, expecially from the 3
juniors who took part, 2 of them, James and Luke who were on their first ever club ride 
and first real event well done all.

45RC Riders
Steve Peel		00:01:51 PB & Club course record holder
Paul Hardy		00:01:57 PB
Evan Hsu		00:02:03
Stuart Burke		00:02:04
Ben Elderton		00:02:13
Tom Perry		00:02:20
Michael Berry		00:02:22
Stephanie Russell	00:02:28
Jame Stovin		00:02:30 Junior (15)
Louis Wan		00:02:32 Junior (15)
Luke Smith		00:03:01 Junior (12)

Guest Riders
Will Goulbourne		00:01:37 Corley Cycles (NEW OUTRIGHT COURSE RECORD) 
Dan McDonnel		00:02:10 Kings Cliffe Flyers
Stuart Sargeant		00:02:11 ArbisLLP/Colbert Cycles
Stuart Morgan		00:02:20 Mercedes Amg Petronas
New Course Record
Will Goolbourne 1:37
Club winner
Steve Peel 1:51

Gallery by Jodie and Charlotte Redden - Hazelbech Hillclimb - 20th Sept 2015

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