45 Road Club

45RC 2015 Presentation Night

Cyclists from Wellingborough and Northampton based 45 Road Club held their annual presentation night on Friday 27th November, celebrating notable achievements and trophy winners for the 2015 season. 20 year old rising star Charlotte Redden won the Road Racer of the year award, achieving her Category 2 licence in her first full year of racing. Other notable winners were Phil Melling winning the fastest 50 and 25 mile Time Trial awards and Steve Peel winning the fastest 10 and overall Time Trial Series trophy.

A raffle on the night raised nearly £200 for the local Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance, with prizes kindly donated by Northampton based Newlec Cycles, Lazer and online fitness platform Zwift.

L-R :  Ben Elderton; Peter Brooks; Tom Perry; Rob Clapham; Melvyn Barker; Charlotte Redden; Mike Berry; Steve Peel, Charlie Berry; Simon Fitzhugh, George Fox; Stuart Burke, Mike Smith, Andrew Minns

Images by David Brown, please contact him direct for higher res versions.

2015 Trophy Winners
Whiston Handicap	Ben Elderton	00:28:18 (Net time 00:22:53)
(Fastest Junior 10)	Charlie Berry	4/14/15 0:31
Beer & Pudding 10	George Fox	0:22:30
Middle Markers 25	Jack Patmore	1:04:18
Handicap 25		Michael Berry	01:05:59 ( Net time 00:48:50)
Clubman of the Year	Mike Smith	
Ladies 10		Charlotte Redden4/14/15 0:30
TTpts cash prize female	Charlotte Redden	
Road Race		Charlotte Redden	
Cosford Cup 25		Sam Barker	0:53:02
Championship 25		Sam Barker	6/16/15 0:58
Nimi Brutas		Sam Barker	1:07:11
Fastest 10		Steve Peel	00:22:03 (2 faster rides did not enter 50% of events)
Hill Climb		Steve Peel	0:01:51
TT Series Trophy winner	Steve Peel	
TTpts Cash prize men	Steve Peel	
Whiston Hilly Fastest	Phil Melling	0:26:07
Fastest 50		Phil Melling	7/12/15 1:53
50 Championship		Phil Melling	7/12/15 1:53
Fastest 25		Phil Melling	6/16/15 0:50
Senior Bar		Phil Melling	00:21:31 / 00:54:58 / 01:53:22
Vets Bar		Phil Melling	00:21:31 / 00:54:58 / 01:53:22
Fun Prize Awards
Sticky Plaster award	Ben Elderton	Superman sticky plasters
Mechanic		Mike Smith	Spanner
Marketing team colours	Alex Perry	Jelly babies
Fantasy TDF		Rob Clapham	Champagne
St Bernard		John Crisp	Brandy
Photography		Dave Brown	Throughway camera / Port
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