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Boxing Day Beer and Pudding Trophy TT - Results

Gallery pictures by Helen Fox

Results for the Boxing Day TT
We had a very well supported entry, a huge thank you to all those who took advantage of the free entry and participated in the event.
Noticeable rides took place on the dry but extremely windy and blustery day across the board. Really, everyone did very well considering the weather.
Outright fastest time on the day went to the 2-up ride by George Fox and Tom Scott-Colins with a blistering 22:28.
Outright fastest solo rider on the day in a very creditable 23:23 was Jordan Peacock, but fastest 45RC rider and therefore the Trohpy winner was Rob Weall in a 24:09 ride.
Other noticeable performanes were - the fastest female solo ride by Steph Russell in 29:54, beating Caroline "I need a map" Hewitt by 6 seconds, who took two goes to get round the course having taken a wrong turn and came up the back lane and appeared at the finish line 15 mins after she started the first time! Steve Brierley did a good ride considering his back brake was jammed on all the way round! Commiserations to the tandem team of Ruth and Graeme Freestone-King who had a puncture on their tandem just before the start, then after fixing this and rolling up to the start Graeme managed to rip the complete sole off his shoe when unclipping!! On a lighter note congrats to Ben Elderton as the clear winner for dress and style and carrying his beer and pudding all the way round to enjoy on his finish.  Finally a massive well done to Steve Marston with his epic 35:09 on a BMX bike, I kid you not! 

Thanks also to John Crisp for pushing off and Ben and Anthony for the signage - which clearly Caroline didn't see!

 2 Steve Marston	35:09 (BMX!)
 3  - 
 4 Sue Dewys		31:32
 5 Tony Brown		24:00
 6 Ben Elderton	(L-38s)	31:00
 7 Peter Brooks		27:50
 8 Garry Hewitt		27:52
 9 Steph Russell	29:54 (Fastest female rider)
10 Anthony McCarrick	27:14
11 Evan Hsu		25:50
12 Ruth/Graeme F/King	DNS 
13 Jordan Peacock	23:23 (Fastest solo rider on the day) 
14 Steve Brierley	26:05
15 Fabos Young		25:11
16 Glyn Poole		27:49
17 Dan Parkes		26:49
18 Stuart Ross		29:50
19 Adrian Gormley	28:59
20 David Hodgeson	28:28
21 Ian Stokes		27:15
22 Paul Hardy		25:00
23 Simon Fitzhugh	28:04
24 Rob Weall		24:09 (Fastest 45RC rider and the Trophy winner)
25 George Fox/Tom Scott	22:28 (Absolute fastest time - 2-up ride)
26  -
27 Steve Peel (L-22s)	24:58
28 Chris Saywood	28:40
29 Caroline Hewitt (#2)	30:00
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