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SevenMenAndAShed - updated 12/06/16

In August 2016 Kev Hardwick and Neil Barford will be competing in the round Ireland cycle race, one of the hardest cycling endurance races in the world.

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Neil Barford and his mate Kev Hardwick are taking on a monumental challenge. To RACE around the entire perimeter of Ireland on 28th August 2016.
They are trying to raise £3000 in aid of Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund for the hard work they put in helping Neil to recover from a major car incident in 2006. Read the full story here and give anything you can spare.....

UPDATE: 12th June 2016
Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,
Just an update on mine and Kev's efforts for the Race Around Ireland.  Things are going well training wise, we just seem to be changing in and out of kit all the time.  As well as the training the logistics that come with this race are massive.  In fact riding the bike is the easy bit!
At the moment we have 6 crew - Brian Lusk, Alistair Shed who are 45 members, Nick, Jules, Swanney and Steve.  We also have 3 vehicles, a follow vehicle which stays behind the rider all the time, a campervan and an auxiliary vehicle which will run between the 2.  There is also a rule book the size of a telephone directory which we have to adhere to.  If not you incur time penalties which we really do not want to do.  To have 3 penalties against you will total 45 minutes - even over that distance will be really hard to make up.
I will endeavour to wear our club colours as much as I can.  You will be able to follow the race via Facebook and Twitter and also on the Race Around Ireland website, which will have a live feed.
We would like to thank Kabuto Noodles, Newlec Cycles and Phoenix Paving who are helping us for the race and we much appreciate it. 
There are also two Primary Schools (Ecton Brook and Bellinge) who have entered the Northampton Sports Awards and are using our race as their entry.  They are going to attempt to cover the same distance as us in the same time frame.  This activity is to bring the pupils, parents and staff together who will swim, cycle, walk or run the miles - we wish them all the best!
As you can imagine a race like this does not come cheap, so we are asking if any of you have any spares hidden in your garage that we could borrow.  It's a small list, we probably won't use them (well I hope not!) but it would help us massively and obviously we would replace them if damaged in any way.  Here goes ....
10 speed rear mech Shimano
10 speed shifters Shimano
10 speed front mech Shimano
They will only be spares and will be labelled and kept in a spares box and will be returned as borrowed.  This would really help us. Call me on 07913112007 if you can help please.
On the Charity front, we are supporting Northampton General Hospital's Trauma Unit.  We have hastily put together a Barn Dance on Friday 24 June 2016, at Duston Sports Centre.  Tickets are £10 per adult and £5 for under 16's - call me on 07913112007.
We are also holding a tea party on 23 July 2016 from mid-day until 4.00 pm with lots of home made cakes.  Drop by while out training to support our charity, at 22 Southfield Rd, Northampton, NN5 6HN 
I will do a few more updates before the race.
We would like to thank those who have donated via our facebook page.
Neil Barford & Kev Hardwick 
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