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 A45 10TT - 2019/#11 - 28/05/19 Results

Resuts for the 10/25 TT on the A45 tonight - #11 in the 2019 Series. Trophy series table also updated.
Well another good night on the A45 tonight but as there were no takers for the 25 mile we only ran the 10.
Some superb rides tonight and some not too good, but there were 7 PB's set in the good conditions. I think all 7 should dedicate them to Cath Barford since but for her sorting out Neil after locking his phone in, and himself out, of his car while putting out the event signs there would have been no TT tonight, so many, many, thanks to Cath for coming to Neil's rescue!

Fastest ouutright tonight was George with a very impressive 19:19 on his road bike, closely followed by Fabos with a 19:30 and a new PB for him.Fastest 45RC rider on the night was Trystan with a 21:43 and an outright PB for him also.
Thanks also to the volunteers on the night and Kevin for the images.

45Rc Riders
 1: Trystan Barnett	T 21:43 PB (30)
 2: James Windross	T 23:08    (29)
 3: Colin Newport	R 23:14 PB (28)
 4: Simon Fitzhugh	T 23:19    (27)
 5: Peter Cunningham	R 24:57 PB (26)
 6: Lee Barnett		T 26:02    (25)
 7: Bob Green		T 26:06    (24)

Guest Riders
     George Fox		R 19:19    Team Bottrill
     Fabos Young	T 19:30 PB VeloElite
     Andy Sharman	T 21:07    Baines Racing
     Gemma Royles	T 21:25 PB VeloElite
     Kevin Stokes	T 21:47    Born2Bike
     Ed Smith		T 21:58 PB Treads CC
     Marcus Buksh	T 23:50    KCC
     Maria Gent		T 24:40 PB KCC
     Sue Rust		T DNF      KCC
     Ben Richardson	R DNF      TMK

Kevin's gallery
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