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45RC Club 2019/#23 Kilo Sprint - 20/08/19

The Denton Kilo Sprint Results - 20th August 2019
A pleasant evening for this challenging event. Two runs, an out leg, then a return leg, of the 1Km course, with the sum of the two runs counting.
The course record was again broken this year, and once again by Ben who managed to reduce it by one second! Six PB's were set by the field. Congratulations to everyone riding and the support team, Simon. Ian and Lee. This leaves only the hillclimb event left before the 45RC 2019 TT Series concludes.
Plus lots of images from the event for you all, many thanks for the support and for the images to Kevin, David and John.

45RC Riders
 1: Ben Elderton	R 2:39 PB CR  (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	R 2:43 PB     (29)
 3: Evan Hsu		R 2:47        (28)
 4: Pete Cunningham	R 3:00 PB     (27)
 5: Graham Read		T 3:05 PB     (26)
 6: Jodie Redden	R 3:06 PB     (25)
 7: Andy Wildman	R 3:07 PB     (24)

Guest Riders
    Andrew Holman	R 3:09  

Gallery by Kevin

Gallery by Mike - finish of the 1st leg

Gallery by David Brown

Gallery by John Woods
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