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NCRA S2 R1 - 30/03/2013

Only 3 riders this week, George, Phil and Tom, were lined up for todays race, Mike is out injured, Ian has gone MB'íng in the Lakes and Tel is ill. Having driven through one large and heavy snow-storm on my way there and then have another start just as I arrived I have to admit I was surprised to how large the field was. It was decidedly cold and blustery, so it was going to be pretty darn tough out there. Some retirements and a lot of tired looking finishers at the end...well done team, all 3 of you.


A couple of reports by 2 of the club riders......
George Fox:
Double dose of protein last night helped the recovery a bit more over night! (Thankfully!)
I think it was just 4 groups, (possibly 5? Phil?). I started in the group 90 seconds ahead of scratch, as per the usual handicap format, in a group of 20 there was only about 5 or 6 of us actually doing any work, which thankfully I was one of! Was good to be putting a bit of power through the pedals again.

Scratch caught us about half way round, and unluckily for Tom Perry his group was caught by us at the top of Bringhurst Hill which I think left him in a bit of pain along with the rest of us! So there were a few attacks, but nothing really got away late on, but this left us with a group of ten riders ahead (mainly Welland Valley so I am told) which the group just weren't prepared to go ahead and catch which was slightly frustrating, but after my efforts on the first 2 laps I sat in and rested a bit for the final lap... 

Before the 90 degree bend onto the finish straight we were about 100m behind and knowing I wasn't going to be much good in the sprint with the recent lay off I put the hammer down and decided to try and bring the 2 groups together... again, the bunch I was with decided not to join the free ride! So I had a gap on the bunch and about 30m to the front group but this was just at the final bend and my legs were in a world of hurt already, so just as I was getting close enough, they opened up the sprint and left me behind! 

I think I still managed to finish ahead of a few of the big hitters, but more pleasing to finish strong! Especially after last time out at Old!

Phil Garlick:
Big improvement for me; I finished for the first time this year. Solo'd most of the last lap until caught by 3 others at Ashley. Got out sprinted by a girl (McVitty) at the finish. Well I didn't want to dent her confidence. Think I'll probably win next week at Old.

Tom Perry:
Retired at the end of lap 2 with exhausted legs...
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