45 Road Club

45RC Club TT 2019/#16 - 02/07/19

Average night for tonight's 10TT on the A45 course, which after after a fairly promising day turned overcast and noticeably cooler. Only a 10TT tonight as no takers for the 25, However some course PB's and CR's were still acheived.
Course records were set in 2-Up by mixed pairing of Fabos Young/Gemma Royles with a 20:41, and the Male Tandem with an equally fast 20:52 and no dropped chain this week.
PB's went to Alex Garner, Mark Booth and Chris Old, so all told another successful and safe event.

Many thanks to the support team, James trying his hand at the TK role, think he was releived when it was over, Ray for pushing off and Neil for signs again.

45RC Riders
 1: Ben Elderton	 T 21:53  (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	 T 23:02  (29)
 3: Neil Barford	 T 23:15  (28)
 4: Simon Fitzhugh	 T 23:49  (27)
 5: ColinNewport	 R 24:05  (26)
 6: Pete Cunningham	 R 25:08  (25)
 7: Andy Wildman	 R 25:44  (24)
 8: Lee Barnett		 R 26:49  (23)

Guest Riders
Fabos Young/Gemma Royles T 20:41 CR (2-Up)   VeloElite
Rob/Sam Barker		 T 20:52 CR (Tandem) KCC
Andy Sharman		 T 21:01             Team Bottrill
Tony Brown		 T 21:22             KCC
Alex Garner		 T 21:31 PB          VeloElite
Mark Booth		 T 22:14 PB          KCC
Eddie Smith		 T 22:25             TreadsCC
Mike Cope		 T 22:41             KCC
Kevin Stokes		 T 22:52             Born2Bike
Chris Old		 T 22:57 PB          KCC
Sue Rust		 T 23:03             KCC
Gareth Mills		 T 23:12             Brixworth Velo
John Osborne		 T 23:33             KCC
Marcus Buksh		 T 24:11             KCC
Michael York		 R 26:19             VeloElite 

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