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Northants Cycle Racing Association 2012

Northants Cycle Racing Association 2012
At the 2011 annual general meeting it was decided that membership for 2012 would only be open to clubs offering to organise events. The following clubs indicated at the AGM that they were willing to organize events :-

Rockingham Forest Wheelers
St Ives CC
45 RC
Renault-Rotor-Colbert RT
Kettering CC
Fenland Clarion CC
Numplumz Mountain Bikers
Loughborough Students CC
Peterborough CC
Welland Valley CC

Entry to races is therefore only open to members of those ten clubs.
1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th category riders (which includes women and juniors) are eligible to ride.
Race entry procedure:
Each member club has an ‘NCRA club captain’
These are:
Rockingham Forest Wheelers – Vic Davis
St Ives CC - Tom Caldwell
45 RC - Alastair Shed
Renault Rotor Colbert RT - Dave Palmer
Kettering CC - John Hardwick
Fenland Clarion CC - Steve Clarke
Numplumz Mountain Bikers - Bob Mitchell
Loughborough Students CC - Alex Burrage
Peterborough CC - Ian Wild
Welland Valley CC - Ray Taylor
Each club has 4 automatic places for each of the three series for each race it promotes, so Fenland Clarion CC, Kettering CC, Peterborough CC, Rockingham Forest Wheelers and Welland Valley CC all have 8 places for each series, while Loughborough Students CC, Numplumz Mountain Bikers, Renault Rotor Colbert RT, St Ives CC and 45RC all have 4 places for each series.
If a club doesn’t take up its full allocation of places, those places will be shared between the clubs which have more applicants than places. This process will be the responsibility of the series organizer, chairman and handicapper with recommendations from the relevant club captains.
Send your BC entry form for each series, with a cheque for £60 to NCRA (or cash), to your club captain, to arrive at least 4 weeks before the start of the series you want to enter.
The final allocation of places will be decided jointly by the series coordinator, the NCRA chairman and the handicapper, following the recommendations of each club captain.
For further details please contact Alister Shed or Phil Garlick
The closing date for entries is next Friday 27th January
Further details available on the NCRA website
Dates and venues for NCRA races 2012
Date Course HQ Organising Club
Series 1 (Saturdays)
Mar 3rd Husbands Bosworth   Welland Valley
Mar 10th Husbands Bosworth   Loughborough Students
Mar 17th Middleton   Rockingham Forrest Wheelers
Mar 24th Old/Walgrave Walgrave Village Hall 45RC
Mar 31st Southwick   Peterborough
Series 2 (Saturdays)
Apr 7th Old Walgrave Village Hall Renualt Rotor Colbert
Apr 21st Husbands Bosworth   Welland Valley
Apr 28th Great Gidding/Glatton   Fenland
May 5th Old/Walgrave Walgrave Village Hall Numplumz
May 19th Old/Walgrave Walgrave Village Hall Kettering
Series 3 (Evenings)
Jun 7th Thu Middleton   Rockingham Forrest Wheelers
Jun 12th Tue Sawtry   St. Ives
Jun 19th Tue Old/Walgrave Walgrave Village Hall Kettering
Jun 26th Tue Southwick   Peterborough
Jul 3rd Tue Southwick   Fenland
For the event on March 24th which 45RC will be organising we will be looking for Marshalls and other helpers to ensure that we do a good job on the day.  We will have good riders in these handicap rides and they need your support.
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