45 Road Club

45 Road Club - 2015 TT Points Championship

45 Road Club - 2015 TT Points Championship.

For your points to count you must perform at least two event support duties and will turn green as soon as you have.

TT Trophy Series rules
                    Points Table as of 12th July

All current handicap status attached. Steve Peel leading from Simon Fitzhugh. The next two weeks 14th and 21st July at 7.45 events move to the normally fast A45. We are looking for Signs/Time Keeper/Pusher for the 21 July. Please volunteer.

You will score points at each event you take part in, but to be eligible (points in GREEN) for the Time Trial Points series trophy you must have undertaken 2 event duties (ie Time keeper, Pusher off or signs) Until you have done so your points will be counted but displayed in RED.
Club rules and Trophy Book can be found in the Club Members area in the main menu.

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