45 Road Club

N7/10TT 25th July 2012

Steve West
45 Road Club 10 Mile TT 25 th July 2012 Earls Barton course

45Rc Riders                    Guest Riders
Steven West   00:22:45         Sam Barker    00:20:39 Planet X
Rob Swannack  00:23:28         Robert Barker 00:21:18 Kettering CC
Rob Thornton  00:25:01 *PB*    Nick Pitt     00:21:41 Chronos RT
Michael Tite  00:25:37 *PB*    Paul Ashdown  00:22:26 Kettering CC
Mike Church   00:25:39         Tony Brown    00:22:53 Kettering CC
Tom Perry     00:26:14 *PB*    Robin Bellamy 00:24:22 Kettering CC
                               Tom Evans     00:26:35 Welland V W

A Warm evening,no rain,and a north westerly breeze for the last evening 10 on the
A45 this season. Steven West with his fastest 10 on this course was fastest club
rider and Michael Tite and Rob Thornton finished with PB's.
New member Tom Perry a good first ride on the course.
However with a car rally going on nearby the timekeepers decided to move the
finish slightly making the distance short by about 100-150 yards.
Next week the 10 is on the Chelveston course- start time 6.45 pm.
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