45 Road Club

10m TT - 24th July Earls Barton


45 Road Club 10 Mile TT 24th July 2014 - Earls Barton Course.
Quite a fast night.Simon Fitzhugh the fastest 45RC rider.Charlie Berry went off course at the
first roundabout and new member Alan Dickinson in his first event on the A45 missed the dogleg
and returned 25.14 for the reduced distance.Tom Perry and Mike Berry both returned Pbs. 

Sam Barker fastest rider on the night.

45RC Members
Simon Fitzhugh	00:22:28
Tom Perry	00:23:06 PB
Michael Berry	00:23:30 PB
Ben Elderton	00:25:28
Charlie Berry 	DNF (Off Course)
Alan Dickinson	00:25:14(Off Course)

Guest Riders
Sam Barker	00:20:52 Planet X
Marcus Buksh	00:24:53 Kettering CC
Trevor Parish	00:25:58 A5 Rangers
Tom Evans	00:27:12 Welland V W
Dont forget - Next week is at Chelveston with a 6.45pm start.
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