45 Road Club

45RC Whiston Hilly 11m TT - 01/07/14

45 Road Club Whiston Hilly 11m TT.

Thanks to Google maps the manhole covers at the start were located this week!
It turned into a good evening for it, not too much wind and what there was 
seemed to be in the right direction!
A night of many PB's and impressive first rides on the course.
First timers were winner Stu Travis, Rob Clapham. Mark Spittles and Ginette 
Spittles. PB's by Neville Bradshaw 2nd,Ian Pateman 3rd (who made that 
vital first left turn this week),Tom Perry, Russell Batchelor and Ben Elderton.
A good ride from Zak Moore -first ride on the Whiston course for a few years 
and only his second club event in his comeback. Well done everyone.
45RC Riders
Stuart Travis		00:26:46 PB * First ride on course.
Neville Bradshaw	00:26:57 PB 
Ian Pateman		00:27:11 PB 
Zak Moore		00:27:41
Tom Perry		00:28:04 PB 
Russell Batchelor	00:28:19 PB 
Simon Fitzhugh		00:28:24
Rob Clapham		00:28:28 PB * First ride on course.
Michael Berry		00:30:58
Ben Elderton		00:31:13 PB 
Bob Green		00:31:32
Mark Spittles		00:32:24 PB * First ride on course.
Ginette Spittles	00:33:28 PB * First ride on course.
Louis Wan		00:37:26
Rob Weall		DNF (Mechanical)
(PB indicates best time in 45 Road Club events only, as data available does not include any other events.)

Guest Riders
Graham Dolby		00:26:30 Silverstone Cycle Baines Racing
Chris Palfreeman	00:26:44 Team Corley

Images by David Brown - contact him directly for high res versions......
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