45 Road Club

45RC N7/10 10TT - 21/07/15

45RC 10TT N7/10 - Full results

Earls Barton “10” Club event result Date: 21st July 2015

Despite the brisk breeze, some good results again tonight, well done to all that raced.
Simon appears to have found the "seat" of his problem to knock a minute off his time.
Very close at the top, Sam taking it by 5 seconds from Stu TB. Somebody get Steve on
gears, I am convinced he would go even quicker, but still another very good ride tonight
with a top three place.

Thanks to Ian Everden for his timekeeping, who completed his initial TK training, Dave
Tuttle for pushing off and Steve Peel for looking after the signs

45 Road Club
Sam Barker		00:21:31
Steve Peel		00:22:16
Tom Perry		00:23:00
Simon Fitzhugh		00:23:17
Rob Weall		00:24:03
Paul Ashdown		00:24:12
Daniel Parkes		00:25:10
Graeme Freestone-King	00:26:36
Ruth Freestone-King	00:27:07
Stuart Plows		DNF

Guest Rider
Stuart Travis-Beames	00:21:36 Spirit Racing
Note: Simon Fitzhugh is now holding the timekeeping gear while I am away and Ron Brown said he will step in if required to support the timekeeping and Steve Peel has all the signs. Have fun all.....
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