45 Road Club

Chelveston A6-10TT

45 Road Club event result Date: 4th August 2015
Chelveston A6 “10”

Another breezy event but some good times. Sam Barker with a best club event time for this season
from Phil Melling,who suffered a puncture just before his start, second with Simon Fitzhugh third.
Michael Berry and Calvin Hobday best club “10” time of this year. Graeme Freestone-King,first time
this course turned a roundabout too soon, so was DNF. 

Rider			Time
Sam Barker		00:21:30
Phil Melling		00:21:47
Simon Fitzhugh		00:24:23
Calvin Hobday		00:25:04
Michael Berry		00:25:13
Daniel Parkes		00:26:13
Ruth Freestone-King	00:27:45
Graeme Freestone-King	DNF

Guest Riders
Stuart Travis-Beames	00:22:05 Spirit Racing
Nick Rose		00:24:22 45RC Day Member<
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