45 Road Club

45RC TT Series #5/2016 - 19th April 2016

Weather was good with light wind and clear bright sun, temp was falling and numbers were good. A good night for a TT and a lot of happy riders.
Thanks to all 27 riders that entered, to the guest "riders" and to the support team. A safe evening for all involved, only 2 "incidents", one rider DNF with a blowout on a rear tub, fortunately only a few hundred meters from the start so not too long a walk back and one got lost! Event was timed to perfection with the last rider in 8 mins before "official" sunset.

Fastest time on the night was 45RC rider Sam Barker with a 22:38, followed by Tony Brown (22:53) and another stella ride from Russell Batchelor (23:23) on his new TT bike.

I also found a black long sleeve jersey, on the grass near to the start, if you have lost it, contact the admin here to arrange it's return.

45 Road Club				Guest Riders
Sam Barker		22:38 		Tony Brown		22:53 KCC
Russell Batchelor	23:23 		Dean Browning		23:53 WCC
Ben Elderton		23:30 		Mark Booth		23:54 KCC
Rob Weall		23:51 		Gavin Fraser		24:18 WCC
Rob Clapham		23:54 		Andrew Graff		25:01 KCC
Simon Fitzhugh		24:13 		Jason Eals		25:20 Wootton TRI
Evan Hsu		25:03 		Stephen Combor		25:36 RFW
Steve Brierley		25:07 		Mark Brostor		25:42 KCC
Daniel McDonnell	25:26 		Peter O'Hare		27:32 Wootton TRI 
Kevin McAleese		25:30 		Cat Riley		28:50 Wootton TRI
Mike Berry		26:11 		Daniel Bates		DNF   KCC
Steve Young		26:24 		
Ian Stokes		27:01 		
Paul Bowman		28:15 		
Bob Green		28:20 		
David Taylor		OC    
Gallery by David Brown, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for high res versions.
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