45 Road Club

45RC TT Series #9/2016 - 17th May 2016

Onto the A45 this week for the N7/10 TT, number 9 in this years series of 24 events. We were expecting some quick rides and were not dissapointed. 23 riders signed on, 23 started, 22 finished, everyone was safe.

Some big hitters were already preparing and warming up at the meeting point ready for tonights TT, signing on was busy, and 15 mins after opening it started raining, much to the annoyance of some of the riders waiting. But it quickly dissapated and the breeze that was present started to drop off, then we were all treated to an amazing rainbow that looked like it was rising out of a bright fire, quite a sight ....it looked like another good event on the 45 was going to be.... 

Expect a number of PB's to appear on the confirmed results when they have been verified.
Thanks to Kevin McAleese (TK) Barry Walker (PO) and Cat Riley (Signs), for their support in making tonights TT run smoothly.

45 Road Club Club event result Date: 17th May 2016
Earls Barton “10” Course NX2/10

45RC Riders					Guest Riders
Phil Melling		00:20:21		Andy Jackson		00:19:59 SSLL Racing NEW COURSE RECORD**
Steve Peel		00:21:50 PB		George Fox		00:20:03 Wellingborough Cycles RT
Ben Elderton		00:23:03 PB		Stuart Travis		00:21:01 Spirit Racing
Rob Clapham		00:23:43		Oliver Bates		00:22:01 Wellingborough Cycles RT
Peter Brooks		00:23:56 PB		Stuart Wright		00:22:55 Planet X
Fabos Young		00:24:03 PB		Paul Southern		00:23:13 Wellingborough Cycles
Alan Rose		00:24:30		Stuart Plows		00:24:18 Kettering CC
Graeme Freestone-King	00:24:40		Alexa Osbourne		00:25:31 Wootton Tri
Michael Berry		00:24:45		Bob Pardoe		00:26:35 Wootton Tri
Mike Wheeler		00:25:09 PB		Melvyn Barker		00:28:41
Mike Hager		00:25:21 PB		Graham Dolby		DNF      Equipe Velo
Ruth Freestone-King	00:26:39		

** Subject to verification

Next Week- Whiston start 7.15pm
Gallery by David Brown, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for high res versions.
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