45 Road Club

45RC TT #5/25 - 18 April 2017

Well for the first time on the course I have to say this was a very dissapointing turnout, 4 club riders and a guest on a racing penny-farthing!
A huge thank you to everyone that turned out tonight, riders and support team and observers.
Evan Hsu took the win tonight, by 1 second from Fabos Young and with it the inaugral course record.
Well done to everyone who participated and thank you for your support.

45 Riders	Leg1  Leg2  Total
Evan Hsu	1:22  1:21  2:43 Course record
Fabos Young	1:22  1:22  2:44
Simon Fitzhugh	1:24  1:29  2:53
Mark Ainge	1:32  1:35  3:07

Guest Rider	Leg1  Leg2  Total
Guy Bonham	2:08  2:02  4:10  Treads CC
Gallery by Mike
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