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45RC TT #18/25 - Whiston Hilly - 18 July 2017

.....and so another course record falls. In fact there were 2 riders who broke the previous record, but Andy Jackson now holds the record with a 24:16 just 4 seconds faster than George Fox! Both under the previous course record of 24:30 on not what I would have called a particulary fast evening for it. A progessivley increasing wind speed that would likely increase the riders work loads on the 4th quarter of the course, but they clearly overcame this. Fastest club rider on the night was Simon Fitzhugh, followed by junior rider Trystan Barnett who are progressively firming up on their 1 and 2 positions on the TT leaderboard. Well done to all, riders and helpers, thanks for supporting the club TT.

Andy Jackson - Whiston Hilly course record ride - 18th July 2017

45RC Riders	Time    H/Cap
Trystan Barnett	30:46	20:42 (30)
Simon Fitzhugh	29:09	23:36 (29)
Lee Barnett	33:18	24:32 (28)
Bob Green	33:39	26:37 (27)

Guest Riders
Andy Jackson	24:16 SSCC (New course Record)
George Fox	24:20 Team Bottrill/HSS Hire
Steve Young	31:26 -
Gallery by Kevin Glendinning
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