45 Road Club

2018 TT #1/25 ~ Whiston Hilly

Today was the first TT of the 2018 series, and what a day it was, great weather, almost 10deg C and a favourable wind, clearly there were going to be some fast times, and so it was.....fastest on the day, with a superb display of power by Fabos with a 26:45, on a road bike (CR is 24:16 on a TT bike), and Jamie, 2nd fresh from a handicap race the day before, both of whom had interesting starts to say the least! And a very well done to Martin improving his PB by almost 5 minutes!
Well done to everyone and of course the support team.

   Rider 		Time       Club
1  Fabos Young		26:45 (R)  45RC
2  Jamie Tuttle		28:54 (R)  45RC
3  Neil Barford		29:05 (TT) 45RC
4  Simon Fitzhugh	30:33 (TT) 45RC
5  Martin Patmore	30:40 (R)  45RC
6  Evan Hsu		34:32 (R)  45RC
7  Mark Ainge		34:34 (R)  45RC 

Next round, #2/25 which marks the start of the normal Tuesday evening......and R1 of the Handicap Trophy Series
#2/25  Tue 27th March 11m NCC/13 Whiston Hilly 6.45pm Handicap Series - #1/3 TK:P Bowman PO:M.Smith Signs:B Elderton

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