45 Road Club

 45RC 10TT #16/25 A45 - 03/07/18

A warm, but breezy, evening on the A45 tonight so it was not going to be another exceptional evening timewise. Noticeably lower traffic level on the course due to that other event on the TV one assumes! Fastest time on the evening was by 45RC rider Ben Elderton with a 21:49 which was also a great improvement on his PB and moves him up to the top of the club TT leaderboard. Baines rider, Eddie Smith finally got a time on the board tonight, and it was a good one at 22:52, so well done Eddie. Commiserations to John Thorne who dropped his chain, twice, and pulled out.
Thanks to all the riders and the helpers, TK: Alison Pritchard, PO: Dave Mann and Signs: Lee Barnett. Thank you everyone.

45RC Riders
Ben Elderton	T 21:49 PB (30)
Simon Fitzhugh	T 23:36    (29)

Guest Riders
Eddie Smith	T 22:52        Baines
Mark Booth	T 23:00        KCC
Tony Brown	T 23:03        KCC
Adrian Gorham	T 23:13        KCC
Paul Ashdown	T 23:37        KCC
Sue Rust	T 23:40        KCC
Marcus Busch	T 24:09 CPB    KCC
John Osbourne	T 24:16        KCC
Maria Gent	T 25:23        KCC
John Thorne	T DNF          KCC

Gallery Images by Mike
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